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Shawn Porter

Its that time again where the boxing world wants to see some great match ups. Recently we have been hearing that Shawn Porter maybe be close to battling it out with no other Danny Garcia. In a recent post from Showtime on his Instagram he called Danny out calling him a cherry 🍒 Picker. We know that Shawn is coming off a when from Andre Berto and Danny getting his first lost from Keith Thurman. We would like to see Shawn in the ring soon. As Styles Make Fights have designed his 2 previous outfits


This was our first outfit we did for Shawn as he faced Keith Thurman in which was a fight of the year. What a battle it was that it went to the judges and Shawn falling short leaving a lot of fans wondering if it was the right decision. The approach we went with this design was to do #abstract art in the colors of  gold, black and red.


We also got the chance to design his most recent outfit as he faced Andre Berto which was also a hard fought bought by both men where Shawn came out on top. The approach that we went was again #abstract changing it again and going with a glass theme gradient from blue to green to yellow.We are hoping to land this big fight so that STYLES MAKE FIGHTS could make his 3rd outfit.

We hope that you stick along for this ride with Styles Make Fights