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Leo Santa Cruz WBC and WBA Belts

What up everyone another Monday of awesomeness. Today Styles Make Fights got the opportunity to hang out with World Champion Leo Santa Cruz as he showed us his WBC Diamond Belt as well as his WBA Super Champion Belt. What an honor it is to be able to hang out with such a humbling champion.


Many fans come to the gym just to see if they could get a glimpse of their hero Leo, Leos gym is open to the public for anyone to come in and train or come and take a look at how some of the pros take training camp.


Styles Make Fights is in the process of possibly designing his next outfit for an upcoming fight here in Los Angeles. We have something up our sleeve that we wont release much information because we want to surprise you all.

Enjoy some of theses awesome photos of the belts.

" I have always wanted to be champion not just for me but to help my family." - Leo Santa Cruz

We hope that you stick along for this ride with Styles Make Fights



Gilbert Medina